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From Jim Newsham <>
Subject how to use jms temporary queue (without jmsreplyto)
Date Mon, 11 Oct 2010 22:13:45 GMT

The documentation on jms temporary destinations is very sparse.  I'm 
struggling to understand how I can use a jms temporary queue with Camel, 
outside the use case of request/reply, which Camel already handles 

I want to create a route which receives messages on a temporary jms 
queue.  Then I want to send the name of that queue to someone else, for 
later use in sending me messages.  I can't use JMSReplyTo, because I'm 
not requesting an immediate response (it's not request/reply).

The documentation at says to just use 
an url of the form "jms:temp:queue:foo".  Ok, easy.  But as I understand 
it, foo is not the actual name of the queue, since you can't request a 
named temporary queue in jms.  So the actual queue that gets created 
will have a different name.  So, (I think) I need to find that actual 
queue name so that I can transmit it to someone else.  How do I do 
that?  And when is the queue created so that I know when the name is 
available?  After CamelContext.start()?


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