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From "ext2" <>
Subject Re: Does Gracefull shutdown Mbean support waiting time argument?
Date Wed, 13 Oct 2010 09:51:57 GMT
>Can you elaborate on the robust shutdown?

>My experience is if you can't do the grace for shutdown with a certain 
>time, the on flight exchanges maybe have no other change to be processed.

>Do you mean Camel should store these on flight exchanges into a 
>persistence storage, if the wait time is out.

No, It doesn't ask for so such process. 

>From the end user(system manager)'s point, it just means camel should give
him chance to choose:
1) robust stop the application: It means the application must be stopped
until the waiting-time expired;
2) or just try to stop application: it means the application must not be
stopped if system is still busy until waiting time out. 

This function could tell the system manager: if you don't want to lost the
message, you can do "try to stop " again and again. But if you couldn't
endure and choose to robust stop ((especially the case: deadlocked by extern
system), then you will have a risk to lost a message.

whether using persistence storage or other means , it 's just a different
ways to implement the "try to stop" requirement; For example we can use
another simple ways to implement the requirement: 
Suspending the consumer's IO operation to avoid  continue to process
external message; and just waiting the Exchange to be processed over;  if
the Exchange is still being processed while time out, just return false to
indicate try-stop failed;


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