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From Sadanand Kusma <>
Subject RE: netty questions
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2010 18:41:45 GMT
Thank you for asking question. You may want to post the question to the forum to get a better
response and discussion will be useful to others if anyone runs into the same issue.

1. I am not sure if netty has any builtin timeout option anymore. Mina does have a timeout
option. if you are using netty you may have to track response times yourself.
2. to my knowledge netty always runs in async you don't have to do anything special
to make it run in async mode.

I hope that helps.


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From: [] 
Sent: Tuesday, September 28, 2010 7:41 PM
To: Sadanand Kusma
Subject: Hi Anand

he estado leyendo tus post y veo que has trabajado con camel-mina y camel-netty, y mi requerimiento
se parece mucho al tuyo, y me preguntaba si me podrias ayudar un poco, este es el post que
subi al foro:

I have a question about camel Netty briefly tell them that I'm consuming a service from another
company which is exposed through the sockets, however I have set a timeout of 30 seconds per
application, once that time expired and I will return it a specific response to the system
that originated the request, but sometimes the other company sent me the response to my request
after the timeout, so I need to give special treatment to these responses, however my questions
1) As I can process those responses that arrive after the timeout?
2) How I can make this process is asynchronous?, Once used as camel-mine, but I read that
is more efficient netty.

I am currently using apache camel in my application, and

Greetings and thanks for your attention. 

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