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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: CXF and Jetty endpoints to share same host and post
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2010 02:23:02 GMT

On 9/14/10 9:02 AM, Scott Christopher wrote:
>> From what I can gather, multiple CXF consumer endpoints can listen
>> on the same host:port and multiple Jetty consumer endpoints can
>> listen on the same host:port, but a CXF and Jetty endpoint cannot
>> share the same host:port configuration by default - is this
>> correct?
No, as the CXF http-jetty-transport didn't share the same port map with 
camel-jetty component.

> If this is correct, is it somehow possible to configure Camel to make
> use of the same Jetty instance to share the same host:port
> configuration? It is not ideal for us to be managing multiple ports
> for each different endpoint that uses Jetty under the hood.

The servlet transport can meet your requirement.
CXF and Camel both have this kind of component.
You can find more information about Camel servlet transport here[1]
> And to extend the question further, as we are deploying the camel
> routes in an OSGi context (ServiceMix), does this open up any other
> options for us? I discovered that by using the HTTP OSGi transport in
> CXF, we can make use of the Pax Web service in ServiceMix. Is there
> any way to configure the Jetty endpoint to do the same?
If you are using camel-servlet component, I can say yes.
Please keep in mind the camel-jetty component will start a new Jetty 
server itself instead of using the Pax Web service.

> Kind regards, Scott Christopher



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