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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: Error with RSS component accessing gzip content
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2010 07:44:28 GMT
Hi Bryce,

I just went through the code of camel-rss, if you want to get the Feed 
object from the different RSS services,  you can consider to use 
RssDataFormat, it will help you to turn an input stream into SyndFeed.
The route could like this

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Bryce Ewing wrote:
> Hi Willem,
> Yes that was pretty much what I was thinking.  Having had more of a look
> through the camel-rss component it seems very much geared towards polling
> (understandably since that is what it does).  I will try creating a
> completely separate component to begin with (will probably copy some code
> from camel-rss) so that I can get more of an understanding of how things
> work too.  I have only used components up until now, so will be interesting
> to write one.
> Once I have written a specific processor component we will see how best this
> could be integrated into a singular component.
> Cheers
> Bryce
> On Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 1:25 PM, Willem.Jiang [via Camel] <
>> wrote:
>> Hi Bryce,
>> Bryce Ewing wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I have been having a look at the http4 component source and thinking
>> about
>>> how much of this would end up being duplicated into the RSS component to
>>> properly handle all cases, etc. HttpProducer.extractResponseBody and
>>> utilising GZIPHelper.uncompressGzip seems to cover my particular case.
>> Yes, and camel-http component also has this GZIPHelper.
>>> This got me thinking about other ways of doing this.  At present the RSS
>>> component can read from at least file and http based RSS documents.  This
>>> fix would firstly be required by just the http based feeds.  I can see
>> many
>>> other ways that RSS could be consumed, there could be RSS documents in a
>>> database, in ftp, via xmpp, etc.  The vast majority would most likely be
>>> http but it doesn't need to be limited to this.
>> As camel already has the camel-ftp and camel-xmpp component, we could
>> leverage it for the Camel-RSS.
>>> Firstly should the RSS component be reusing for example the http4 code?
>>  And
>>> secondly should the RSS component actually just be the second step in the
>>> process, e.g. use the http4 component to do the polling, then the RSS
>>> component processes the output from this?
>>> The second option would allow for much more flexibility in terms of where
>>> the feed is being read from, and much more code reuse.
>>> What are the thoughts on this?
>> Maybe we could add some option in the RSS component to let it take the
>> feed inputstream from the inMessage of the Exchange, then we can use
>> camel-http to pull the request. and it could be easy to change the
>> transport to ftp or xmpp.
>>> Cheers
>>> Bryce
>> Willem
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