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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: Spring remoting proxy call from within a route bean
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2010 01:50:24 GMT
bryan wrote:
> I was wondering if the following design was acceptable, or if there is a
> better way of doing it. Currently I have a route that reads in a CSV, parses
> it, and passes it to a bean. Inside the bean's method call, the CSV data is
> converted to an object. The bean also has a reference to a camel spring
> remoting proxy, and it calls a method on this and passes in the object. The
> proxy adds a message to a queue. 
> I was concerned that I was calling the proxy from within the bean's route
> method. This seems like it will start a new route from within the first
> route. It seems to work fine, but wanted to make sure I wouldn't get bitten
> by this down the road. 
> My route looks like this: 
> <camelContext id="camelContext"> 
> <proxy id="myProxy" 
>   serviceUrl="activemq:queue:myQueue?transferException=true" 
>   serviceInterface="com.pkg.MyApi" /> 
> <endpoint id="fileInput" uri="file:${my.file.dir}" /> 
> <route> 
>   <from ref="fileInput" /> 
>   <split  parallelProcessing="false" streaming="true"> 
>     <tokenize token="\n" regex="false" /> 
>     <unmarshal><csv /></unmarshal> 
>     <bean ref="inputBean" method="translate" /> 
>   </split> 
> </route> 
> </camelContext> 
> The inputBean has a reference to myProxy, and it calls a method on myProxy
> inside the translate() method. 

I think it should be OK, as the proxy and route are using the same camel 
context, so the proxy can access the endpoints in the route without add 
other additional work.

Apache Camel, Apache CXF committer
Open SOA

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