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From Leen Toelen <>
Subject InOnly and transactions does not catch async exception
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2010 15:20:12 GMT

I have the following setup
- jetty endpoint
- transacted,persistent,inOnly activemq endpoint

I need to store persistent mmessages in a queue without waiting for a
reply, but the messages need to be accepted on the queue of course.

When I try to set the activemq systemusage ridiculously low, I see
that the http endpoint still replies with 200 OK but messages are
lost. In the activemq logs I see async error messages that the usage
limits are reached and that the producer is stopped. When i change the
activemq endpoint from 'inOnly' to 'to', the usage limit exceptions
are caught by the http endpoint, but I get an error that a reply is
not received when the queue is not full.

What is the recommended approach for and activemq queue endpoint where
a reply is not needed but exceptions need to be caught synchronously
on ttransaction commit?


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