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From Claus Ibsen <>
Subject Re: sftp with privateKeyFile using camel-ftp
Date Wed, 23 Jun 2010 04:27:19 GMT

The key length restriction have bitten me in the past. You had to
download a special extension and override some files in the JRE to be
able to use longer keys. I think the restriction was very low at the
time, like 256 or so.

Since its JCraft that does the SFTP stuff you may have to google a bit
and try reading some of their documentation how to do this. Maybe
there is some help there.

And I assume you dont get any errors or the likes in the log / console?
And have you tried outside OSGi, eg from a plain unit test also?

On Tue, Jun 22, 2010 at 11:08 PM, Bengt Rodehav <> wrote:
> I'm trying to get sftp private key authentication to work with sftp with no
> luck. I have a route similar to the following:
> from("file:datadir").to("sftp://user@localhost
> /datadir?password=password&privateKeyFile=user.key");
> The sftp server is Serv-U. I generate key pairs using Serv-U. The public key
> is used by Serv-U while camel-ftp is configured with the private key. Camel
> manages to connect to Serv-U but never to log in. The key type is DSA and
> the key length is 1024. The private key looks lilke this:
> MIIBugIBAAKBgQCR+zLyBwj0gcvNh6xmauvc2YdYYEjjoXdIUpzb01zmwFzqia9q
> nWCTL5t3iwqgBrZIxOa75M322OsG99+7JsBn1YaTxDJ4hSnX0dyheS620HsMFbP1
> 27LjYFX2mee8jeZN8GIUAdPLDHPkvGnlGfFFvj8f/IKfjAexECrBhlyhyQIVAI+1
> CU2hfXqiLDuIPKruy17wrzyVAoGAB7qCoD8vJPq4jMZ77Scv4dfWgz6F+LMImcl8
> QOIh+3f3JhJvR9f+hw1MGsg3l/z57GlfgXkqt420vTPI6OghELv/hauFNSExCKqv
> kJW+J7Hyoa0sGuf7Ihy9vC6PJnoNkopqqecwpAUUpvKahcZ1uvNnGfRDc5SGmuzn
> ZhKHy5ICgYBv94YBWdxGXWwcUKAmJrC+u3Xdnb8t1RY0RcrbKYqQe5Eekza4gh8B
> MOHoxrse7qNvstZRc0BMaEKuKd9DW4wy9JMMZC7xChF8590rCaWA5gIURVR0jghL
> lZpwVaJtN6Yo7kUe9S8=
> Is this a format that camel-ftp recognises? Can anyone suggest how to create
> a key pair that camel-ftp will recognise. I can then try to see if Serv-U
> also supports that?
> To verify that Serv-U works, I tried connecting with Filezilla client. It
> converted the private key to Putty format but then it worked.
> Could it have anything to do with US export limitations? Is the key to long?
> /Bengt

Claus Ibsen
Apache Camel Committer

Author of Camel in Action:
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