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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: How to extract SOAPFault details from CXF
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2010 14:13:42 GMT
attilav wrote:
> Hi Willem,
> thanks for your help!
> willem.jiang wrote:
>>> 1. My primary concern is, that in the case the server returns a
>>> SOAPFault, I
>>> can not extract the details of the fault. The SoapFault is thrown, and
>>> the
>>> corresponding onException clause is triggered, but according to the log
>>> below, the detail attribute is null.
>> As the detail is a element , if you want to get the message detail, you 
>> should call fault.getDetail().getTextContent().
> ah, my bad. I mistook the [detail: null] output of the getDetail() as a null
> detail, and dindn't go any further :(
> willem.jiang wrote:
>>> 2. A second remark is, that the handleFault()  does not seem to have any
>>> effect on the flow. The SoapFault is thrown regardless of it. I expected
>>> it
>>> to work similar to jbi faults: when it is present throw the exception,
>>> otherwise just set the EXCEPTION_CAUGHT property on the exchange, and let
>>> the flow continue.
>> handleFault() just turn a fault message into exception so we can 
>> leverage Camel error handler to deal with it.
>> As camel-cxf just throw the exception out and didn't put the exception 
>> into the fault message as JBI does, using the handleFault() will not 
>> change anything in your case.
> Well, that is my point. 
> In the case of jbi I was told that for a jbi fault, no exception is thrown,
> and the causing jbi FaultException is set as a property of the exchange
> (rather than as the exception of the exchange) -- so that one may continue
> routing.
> In an analog manner I expected cfx tu put the exception into the fault
> message, and not to throw an SoapFault exception. Isn't this some kind
> inconsistency? Or am I getting it all wrong?
> On the other hand, if cxf does throw the SoapFault, shouldn't it set the
> exception of the exchange (exchange.getException(), exchange.getFault()) ?
The SoapFault is thrown from CxfProducer, and it's a common Camel
practices. You can put SoapFault into the outMessage body like this

                         .process(new Processor() {
                             public void process(Exchange exchange)
throws Exception {
                                 SoapFault fault =

exchange.getProperty(Exchange.EXCEPTION_CAUGHT, SoapFault.class);


You can find the unit test here[1]


>> 3. My third question, isn't there a simple way to send a SOAP message with
>> CXF? I mean I have the SOAPBody prepared (as string or
>> org.w3c.dom.Document), and I expect cxf to wrap it in an envelope, and
>> also
>> return a SOAPBody. Do I really have to do the cumbersome payload
>> conversions
>> prior and after the request?
> You may take a look at the camel-soap[1] component, which just wrap the 
> soap message for you and don't touch any other CXF stack, you can use it 
> as a DataFormat[2]
> [1]
> [2]
> nice feature for 2.3! Too bad I'm stuck with camel2.2 as of
> servicemix-camel-2010.01 :(
It should be easy to replace the camel-2.2.0 with camel-2.3.0 if you can
build the servicemix-camel component yourself.
> regards,
> attilav


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