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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: How to get Source jar for camel-spring-osgi?
Date Mon, 24 May 2010 20:53:30 GMT
Hi Willem,

how about accessing the bundle or instanting a class from camel-osgi in 
an Activator class in the camel-spring jar. This way the camel-osgi 
bundle will be activated when in osgi. When outside of osgi the 
Activator will be ignored.
Does this make sense?

If this works then using an activator would also be a nice solution for 
the other camel components so they can offer their features as osgi 
services. Eventually this could even mean that we would not need a 
camel-osgi bundle anymore. Or at least the bundle would not have to load 
something from the compenents in an active fashion.



Am 24.05.2010 09:55, schrieb Willem Jiang:
> Hi Christian,
> Please see my comments in the mail.
> Christian Schneider wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have succeeded for most camel jars to have a source attachment in 
>> eclipse pde mode now. The component camel-spring-osgi produces an 
>> empty source jar though.
>> The problem seems to be that the component simply reexports the jars 
>> for camel-osgi and camel-spring.
> Yes, camel-spring-osgi just repacks the camel-osgi and camel-spring.
>> Any idea how to get the source attachment for this one? I guess this 
>> also is a problem when using maven in osgi.
> I don't think there is a easy way to resolve this issue.
>> Anyway I did not really understand why camel-osi and camel-spring 
>> have to be bundled into one jar. I read that it has to do with the 
>> loading sequence somewhere but canĀ“t this also be solved when the 
>> jars are separate.
> You can resolve the loading sequence issue by letting camel-osgi 
> bundle be loaded first, in this way you still can access camel-osgi 
> and camel-spring source code as you want :)
>> Greetings
>> Christian
> Willem


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