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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: When will the camel features.xml file for Apache karaf support Spring 3.X?
Date Mon, 10 May 2010 07:13:02 GMT
Jim Talbut wrote:
> Yes, the whole maven versioning infrastructure doesn't really encourage 
> supporting two versions concurrently.
> What I'm doing for myself is I use a hacked karaf features file, so that 
> the spring and spring-dm features use v3.
> Then I use a camel features file built with the spring-3.x profile, but 
> hacked at the header to pull in my hacked karaf features file.
> That works, but is way too messy to release :)
> Currently the camel features file references the karaf features file (to 
> pull in spring and http).
Using the karaf feature will reduce the feature definiton in 
apache-camel feature. But it also make apache-camel out of control, as 
we can't change the spring, http feature as we want.

> How bad would it be if it didn't?  If instead you simply document a 
> requirement for spring/http features to be installed.
It will cause some trouble on the camel-itest-osgi module, as the 
Pax-Exam don't support to specify multi features at same time.

I'm thinking we could provide the http, spring feature in the 
apache-camel feature, in this way we can get back the control and if we 
deploy this feature into Karaf, it will not cause much trouble (we need 
to avoid install different Spring ,Http feature at the same time).

> That would get you a spring version-agnostic features file, at the price 
> of additional burden on the person doing the installing.
> Maybe worth doing as an additional file.
Current feature file is self contained, even it related on the Karaf 
feature file, you still can know if every bundle's version.

How about introduce another apache-camel feature file? it could be 
called as apache-camel-spring3.x feature and the spring version of is 


> Jim
> On 10/05/2010 04:03, Willem Jiang wrote:
>> It's hard to create a Feature to support Spring 3.x and Spring 2.5.x 
>> at the same time.
>> Maybe we can create a new feature in camel which uses the Spring 3.x 
>> directly, in this way we don't need to wait for Karaf.
>> Willem
>> Jim Talbut wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> When will the camel features.xml file for Apache karaf support Spring 
>>> 3.X?
>>> I'm guessing that the answer is: when Karaf supports Spring 3.X itself.
>>> It would be useful to have the option now, as it is in order to use 
>>> Spring 3.X in Karaf I have to manually hack a few features files.
>>> Thanks
>>> Jim

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