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From Ilya S <>
Subject Re: Graceful shutdown of Camel-Jetty component. (Camel 2.2.0)
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2010 17:45:42 GMT
Hi Claus,

Thanks for creating a ticket. I think Service Unavaliable should be
find for load balancer (LB).

In my particular case load balancer will be checking some predefined
healthcheck/status page with a status info that can be parsed by LB.
E.g. every 5 seconds the LB will issue a GET request to some url, if
the returned status is negative, the LB will take the server out of a
pool. When we are about to perform maintenance, we will indicate in
our healthcheck page that the server is about to go down. Then, after
a delay we will initiate a gracefull shutdown.

I now realize that with the health check page I can in fact simply use
the "Defer" option as you originally suggested. I will let the LB know
that we are about to shutdown via healthcheck page first, and so it
should stop redirecting new requests to the machine in question.
Eventually, all the in flight exchanges will finish, and the machine
can be completely shutdown.

Thanks again,


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