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From Norman Maurer <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ component and StreamMessage / BlobMessage
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2010 09:48:25 GMT
Hi Claus,

thx for your response :)

If you look at the documentation of BlobMessage how the message is
send via the producer in activemq:

So it would be useful if it would be possible to set the "URL" which
is used by the activemq producer to send the message. The second thing
which would be cool is the possibility to send the body of the camel
message via a BlobMessage. Something like this:

InputStream in = exchange.getIn().getBody(InputStream.class);
BlobMessage message = session.createBlobMessage(in);

The same goes for the consumer. If the cosumed message of activemq is
of the type BlobMessage it should be possible to "cascade" the
getBody() to get the InputStream of the BlobMessage. So the
TypeConverter would do something like this on

BlobMessage blobMessage = (BlobMessage) message;
InputStream in = blobMessage.getInputStream();
return in;


2010/4/7 Claus Ibsen <>:
> Hi
> ActiveMQ does not output any javax.jms.StreamMessage, and therfore
> Camel have never needed to map it.
> And I also do not think javax.jms.StreamMessage is used very much?
> Anyone every used them?
> In terms of BlobMessage. Can you elaborate a bit? Is there anything in
> the BlobMessage API you needed from Camel?
> Doesn't you get all the data from the blob as a inputstream or the likes?
> On Fri, Apr 2, 2010 at 7:48 PM, Norman Maurer <> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>  from the Camel in Action book and online docs I see how objects get
>> mapped to the corresponding JMS Message type. I saw that InputStream
>> get mapped to ByteMessage. I wonder why its not using StreamMessage.
>> Anyone knows why ? I thought use StreamMessages would give a real
>> benifit when using big messages.
>> The other thing I would like to see is be able to use BlobMessage when
>> using ActiveMQ component. Is there any plan to support this ?
>> Thx,
>> Norman
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