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From "ext2" <>
Subject Re: does camel support custom policy for processor level ?
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2010 07:45:45 GMT

Thanks Willem:

You are right;
 It seems I must do something else to support the feature(define custom
transaction-section in single route).

And the real problem is not only the spring's transaction-template, but also
the camel's transaction support ;
 the camel's transaction always ask for transacted-error-handler, and they
will sometimes conflict with other error-handle mechanism(etc: try-catch);

Willem wrote;
>>ext2 wrote:
> Thanks Willem:
> I got it; and using this feature I could define custom transaction range
> a single route(need not separate them in different route just for
> transaction purpose);
I'm afraid you cannot configure the transaction per process, as Camel 
transaction is based on Spring, and it uses thread location to hold the 
transaction information. You may need to do something yourself to 
implement the feature.

>>> Willem wrote:
>>> No, you can apply the police per processor.
>>> The new added camel-spring-security is based on this camel policy
> how to configure such policy using spring? Or just dsl?
> Willem
> ext2 wrote:
>> Hi:
>> 	Camel policy is very useful to define some custom wrapper features;
>> But in camel 2.2 , it seems the policy only apply on the whole route; And
> it
>> cannot define a policy on a special processor, is this true?
>> 	And does camel 2.x support some mechanism to support define custom
>> policy for specified processor(not the whole route)?

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