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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: Cannot get Camel to work with Dovecot IMAP
Date Fri, 30 Apr 2010 01:02:06 GMT
Hi Vilito,

Please see my comments in the mail.

Vilito Exquisitus wrote:
> Hi Willem
> Thanks for all the great feedback and information.   
> First off, I am having some difficulties getting my hands on Camel 2.3. 
> More on that later.  Using the camel 2.2 jars, I place only the ones you
> specified in the Java SE application and it compiled and ran without a
> problem.  Unfortunately, it still didn't work.  So I figured, may be it is
> because I am using 2.2 and not 2.3.  So I went to download 2.3 from here:
Camel 2.3.0 is not released yet, we will release Camel 2.3.0 next month.
The page is for tracking the change log now.
> I think Camel have it in for me.  :)  At this very moment, I am checking out
> (using svn) the entire camel repo.  There is no 2.3 anything in svn ls
>  I tried the exact checkout
> command on the 2.3 release page: svn co
> page and it failed.  I then did a listing (svn ls) from
> and I couldn't find 2.3.
If you want to build the camel 2.3-SNAPSHOT yourself, you can check out 
the code from

> As far as downloading the snapshot, I tried that too.  I even logged into a
> few ftp servers from the mirrors page and none had 2.3.
> If you have a link to a 2.3 snapshot download, please provide it.

If you are using maven, the repository is
> Even though the application runs, but doesn't work, I don't understand why
> this compiles:
>   from("imaps://server?username=testuser&password=somepw")
> but not this:
>   from("imaps://server?username=testuser&password=somepw" +
>     "&deleteProcessedMessages=false" +
>     "&processOnlyUnseenMessages=true&consumer.delay=20000")
> does not.  The error message is something about not being able to create
> endpoint when those options are provided.

I can reproduce your error, it looks we remove these options long time 
ago, we need to update the wiki page for it.
I already created a JIRA for it.
> Thanks again for everything.
> .v


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