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From jfaath <>
Subject Remote broker message behavior
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2010 20:32:34 GMT

I have a camel application that's using a remote ActiveMQ broker instance. 
Messages come in to the application via HTTP and are sent to a "inbound"
queue using "inOnly".  Messages are then processed and sent to a "processed"
queue.  Finally, if an error occurred during processing, those messages are
sent to an "errors" queue.

So, ideally at the end, there should only be messages either in the
"processed" queue or the "errors" queue.  Actually, I don't really care if
they end up in the "processed" queue, but I definitely need to see the
messages in the "errors" queue.

However, what ends up happening is, full messages stay in the "inbound"
queue under "pending messages", messages are processed as expected but
nothing ends up in the "processed" queue and while messages resulting in
errors do end up in the "errors" queue, the message body is gone.

I'm using the ActiveMQ web console to inspect the queues.  The "processed"
queue is the only one that has a consumer attached to it (which explains why
it ends up with no messages).  Is this expected behavior? How can I have
control over what is happening with messages in these queues using camel
routes?  Really what I most need fixed is to not lose the body of the
message in the error queue.

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