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From dnn <>
Subject Re: onException handling
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2010 14:13:20 GMT

After a lot more digging, I've found what's really going on.  I'm using
Spring 2.5.6, Camel 2.2.0, ActiveMQ 5.3.1, Hibernate 3.4.0.GA, and Bitronix
1.3.3.  The latest problem I was having (commit() call fails) was because
Hibernate flushes itself to the DB as a pre-commit synchronization listener. 
If I manually called em.flush() the PK violation would be thrown in my
application code and the Camel onException handlers would perform as
expected.  However, I decided that would not be a good way to go forward
(what if the commit failed for some other reason?) and was left still
searching for a solution.

Since almost all of my routes start with a JMS queue, I decided to actually
use the XA functionality in the software I'm using and let any exception
cause a rollback all the way to ActiveMQ.  After a certain number of
rollbacks, ActiveMQ will move the message to a DLQ.  I've added a route that
reads from the DLQ and does more or less the exact same actions my previous
onException error handler did, but surrounded with a try/catch to prevent
any errors in the DLQ route from causing an infinite loop.  This seems more
like an "enterprise" solution, and I probably should have used it from the

Thanks for all your help Claus!

Claus Ibsen-2 wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 6:51 PM, dnn <> wrote:
>> This one just won't die :)
>> I've got the same issue, but caused in a slightly different way.  The
>> problem is when the DB commit fails (in my case, a unique constraint
>> violation to an Oracle DB), the commit happens outside of the
>> TransactionErrorHandler.super.process(exchange) block, and won't trigger
>> the
>> global onException handlers.
> That is painful, the Oracle JDBC drivers is really bad.
> You can try with XA to have both JMS + JDBC in the same orchestrated TM.
>> I've tried to create a unit test to show the issue, but I cannot figure
>> out
>> how to make HSQL throw an exception at commit time.  If anyone has any
>> tips
>> I'd be happy to create a unit test.
> Maybe some mock frameworks can do this.

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