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From Jimi Hullegård <>
Subject SV: Route stops executing/polling input folder after first "run"
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2010 20:24:11 GMT
OK, I found the answer... I guess I was a bit tired after a long day, and 1) didn't read the
file component documentation thoroughly and 2) forgot to turn on debug logging. duh...

The debug logging really helped me look in the right direction. I reused the same test files
each time, and by default the File component ignores files that it thinks it has seen before.
So I simply added the uri parameter consumer.alwaysConsume=true and voila, it worked.


Från: Jimi Hullegård []
Skickat: den 16 mars 2010 19:45
Ämne: Route stops executing/polling input folder after first "run"


I'm just getting started with Camel, and I have a very basic question that hopefully someone
here can answer.

If I set up a simple test route, like this:

   <from uri="file:C:/somepath/in"/>
   <to uri="file:C:/somepath/out"/>

then this route works just fine. If I copy a bunch of files to the in-folder, the gets moved
to the out-folder, and it can be repeated over and over again.

If I, however, expand this route using a custom component "shs" like this:

   <from uri="file:C:/shs/test-install/nod1/cameltest/in"/>
   <setExchangePattern pattern="InOut"/>
   <to uri="log:camel_shs_input?level=ERROR"/>
   <to uri="shs:localhost_nod2?productId=2ff045ca-16a6-476b-a350-e9397c07fef1&amp;to=1111111111"/>
   <to uri="log:camel_shs_output?level=ERROR"/>
   <setHeader headerName="">
   <to uri="file:C:/shs/test-install/nod1/cameltest/out"/>

then the route only works only once. That is, if I copy a bunch of files to the in-folder
they gets processed successfully and the resulting files are written to the out-folder, but
if I try do to it again then nothing happens. The files remain in the in-folder, and nothing
is logged in the console running camel (using "mvn camel:run").

The only way to get it working again is to stop camel, and then start it again.

Does anyone have any idéa of what could be wrong? Why does it stop polling the in-folder
(with out any logged errors)? What are the best way to troubleshoot this?

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