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From Tracy Snell <>
Subject Re: Apache Camel & Durable Topic Subscription
Date Mon, 08 Mar 2010 14:22:22 GMT

On Mar 5, 2010, at 8:28 AM, Charles Moulliard wrote:

> In the camel jms documentation, it is mentioned that when we would
> like to use Durable Topic Subscription, the limitation that we have is
> that we can only consume message through one JMS connection (so one
> thread) :
> "If you wish to use durable topic subscriptions, you need to specify
> both clientId and durableSubscriptionName. Note that the value of the
> clientId must be unique and can only be used by a single JMS
> connection instance in your entire network. You may prefer to use
> Virtual Topics instead to avoid this limitation. More background on
> durable messaging here."
> That means that we cannot create a camel route where we use competitor
> consumers (by increasing the number of threads by example) to
> loadbalance the messages.
> Is my assertion correct or my understanding of "a single JMS
> connection instance in your entire network" is not correct ?

You are correct. Durable topics suck in general and you can almost always use a virtual destination
instead. So you'd create a virtual queue from the topic, then you could use competitor consumers
if you like.

One thing to be careful about, once you create a virtual queue it'll persist even if there
are no consumers until you delete it.


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