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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: POJO Splitter - how to send multiple messages?
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2010 02:17:55 GMT
Which version of Camel are you using?
Here is an example of split the message in POJO.

  public List<Message> splitMessage(@Header(value = "user") String 
header, @Body String body) {
             // we can leverage the Parameter Binding Annotations
             // to access the message header and body at same time,
             // then create the message that we want, splitter will
             // take care rest of them.
             // *NOTE* this feature requires Camel version >= 1.6.1
             List<Message> answer = new ArrayList<Message>();
             String[] parts = header.split(",");
             for (String part : parts) {
                 DefaultMessage message = new DefaultMessage();
                 message.setHeader("user", part);
             return answer;


Klug, Johannes wrote:
> Dear list,
> I am implementing a POJO splitter that takes one message as its input,
> and shall split this message into multiple output messages.
> My route looks like this:
> ...
> processor = new ContainerProcessor();
> from("direct:start").split().method(processor,
> "process").to(resultEndpoint);
> ...
> Processor's process function returns List<Message>.
> However, no messages are received in resultEndpoint.
> According to, I need my own
> AggregationStrategy to combine the split messages. Unless there is a way
> to add more than one message to an exchange, this is not what I want - I
> just want a route that will produce n messages for each message put in.
> Is there a way I can achieve this with Camel?
> Thanks and kind regards,
> Johannes Klug
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