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From Muhammad Ichsan <>
Subject How to use threads
Date Tue, 09 Feb 2010 14:03:17 GMT
Dear All

I've been searching about how to use threads in Camel. But I found
nothing which answer my problem. This is one of my routes:

			<from uri="activemq:cs.input" />
			<threads poolSize="5"/>
			<inOut uri="activemq:cs.delayer" />
			<to uri="bean:consolePrinter?method=print" />
			<to uri="bean:textListener?method=putResultBack" />

As I put <threads> there I got this warning:

[aultMessageListenerContainer-1] JmsBinding                     WARN
Cannot determine specific JmsMessage type to use from body class. Will
use generic JmsMessage. Body class:
If you want to send a POJO then your class might need to implement, or you can force a specific type by setting the
jmsMessageType option on the JMS endpoint.

And my code doesn't work anymore.

How to use threads then? I want to make more messages processed more
in limited time.


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