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From Claus Ibsen <>
Subject Re: Design and ability questions (multiple questions)
Date Wed, 24 Feb 2010 18:29:37 GMT
On Wed, Feb 24, 2010 at 7:27 PM, Eibwen <> wrote:
> Thanks for the reply.
> Are you saying read the 140 page spec right?  Or am i missing a link to
> something more focused there?  I'll work on that right after i send this
> message.

I suggested you to take a look at the ActiveMQ in Action book which
had a free chapter one
which should you get familiar with messaging.

> Scanning some of the document, and some of the FUSE videos, it seems like a
> Topic with selectors is most what i'm looking for on the output end.  But
> still not sure how to get messages to persist in a backup/wiretap database
> (3a).
> Below are the questions that i feel the spec will still not answer, and is
> difficult to find in the FUSE documentation.  (if nothing else for my own
> reference to see what i'm still looking for)
> Eibwen wrote:
>> 2. To filter/distribute the messages, would either of these be worse?:
>> a. asking the producer to put each location's messages in a different
>> queue
>> b. Or have selectors on each Location pointing to the same queue?
>> c. Or have the producer put it into a single queue, and have forwardTo
>> filteredDestination split it into different queues?
>> d. Is filtering using an XPath on the xml message body horribly
>> inefficient?
> I'm certain the performance of these would vary between implementations.  So
> i'm wondering if anyone has seen benchmarks of message sizes and filtering
> techniques i'm talking about?
> Since the producer will likely be the bottleneck in my situation, and i am
> not developing that, a benchmark for a generic case is just as accurate as
> what i could take a day to build the pieces to bench myself.
> Eibwen wrote:
>> 3. If i want to do these things, would ActiveMQ be able to accomplish
>> these/would Camel?
>> a. Put a copy of each message into a database for indefinite storage
>> b. Add in new Producers sending messages from other common languages
>> (giving this portal out to new customers that will send information down
>> to our Locations)
> This is wondering if ActiveMQ is able to be configured in this way, or if
> Camel would support it better.  Which is not related to JMS spec at all.
> It seems to me that ActiveMQ is a subset of Camel, so if it can do this
> alone, i would install that and hope it will be lighter weight.
> Eibwen wrote:
>> Questions (see image below):
>> 1. Between Topic and Queue
>> a. Is it a persistent connection or will I code my client to connect into
>> the broker every 5 minutes to check if the queue has anything?
>> b. Or does the broker connect into the client when a message is put into a
>> queue? (if this is the case my custom filtering/queue piece would have
>> webservices the clients will connect to)
> These questions probably will be answered in the spec, but i was worried
> they might vary between the specific implementations of the spec.
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