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From Andrew Harvey <>
Subject Resequencer Issues with ActiveMQ
Date Thu, 25 Feb 2010 01:17:46 GMT
Hi there,

I've been battling for a few days to get a resequencer working with ActiveMQ based on message
priority. I'm hoping I might be able to get some help.

First off the issue was that the route wasn't being registered at all. That was fixed when
I found that all the documentation I had found for the resequencer EIP and the spring documentation
was wrong, and that one shouldn't use the <resequencer /> element, but the <resequence
/> element. This is at least the case for my install of Camel which came with ActiveMQ
5.3 (I believe it is version 2.0.0). That was a fun couple of hours of tearing my hair out
before I went and read the xsd to check that I was doing it right.

Now, I'm having issues getting the resequencer to work as I expect it to. What I currently
have in my <camelContext /> is this:

              <from uri="activemq:queue:AnalysisIn" />
                <to uri="activemq:queue:AnalysisOut" />
                <batch-config batchSize="200" batchTimeout="4000" />

Now I've followed the documentation there, and messages do flow from the <from /> queue
to the <to /> queue, but not with any reliability, and apparently no re-ordering.

I'm using pyactivemq to pump messages in using the stomp transport, with priority ranging
from 0-9, and I'm adding messages every 0.1 seconds. I put 354 messages into the queue and
only 27 make it to the other side. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing wrong there. Furthermore,
when I do look at the messages, they do not appear to have been resequenced. I'll happily
put this down to me not correctly specifying the header, but I'm stuffed if I know how to.

I'm quite new to both ActiveMQ and Camel, and am not the most comfortable person when it comes
to Java, so I'm poking around in the dark for the mostpart – any help I can get would be
most appreciated.


Andrew Harvey / Developer
t/ +61 2 9019 6379

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