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From Ashwin Karpe <>
Subject Re: Design and ability questions (multiple questions)
Date Wed, 24 Feb 2010 12:51:27 GMT


First and foremost, I would ask you to read up on JMS and understand
messaging concepts. I am sure that will clarify several questions. 

Then you can check out ActiveMQ and there are several books and guides
available both at Apache and several other sites.For example
( Check out the
documentation tab on the page). These should get you started...

Basically Queues are FIFO and Topics are publish/subscribe based
communication channels.

As for ActiveMQ and switching to Camel, that is not necessary as Camel is
part of the ActiveMQ distribution.



Eibwen wrote:
> I'm completely new to message queues, i've been looking at the ActiveMQ
> and Camel website all day but the concepts are not fully clicking for my
> specific situation.
> I've read most of the FAQs but i think i'm still not seeing how everything
> will fit together.  I'd love a link to something to help me understand the
> protocol some more.
> Specifications:
> Messages will be fairly low rate, I'd estimate at peak times 1 a minute
> Messages will be fairly large, i'll say average 500kB, up to around 2mB
> Messages are a combination of an xml document with a byte stream probably
> encoded into that
> Right now a single Producer, and 10-20 Locations, in the future 100+
> Locations, and a limited number of Producers
> The Producer is being built by someone else
> The Locations are C# and behind a firewall where they can connect out, but
> i cannot connect in
> Many terms are confusing me still
> I don't really understand the virtual destinations and such
> When a queue is "" is that a subset of "foo" ?
> Questions (see image below):
> 1. Is there any difference in the connection between Topic and Queue?
> a. Is it a persistent connection or will I code my client to connect into
> the broker every 5 minutes to check if the queue has anything?
> b. Or does the broker connect into the client when a message is put into a
> queue? (if this is the case my custom filtering/queue piece would have
> webservices the clients will connect to)
> 2. To filter/distribute the messages, would either of these be worse?:
> a. asking the producer to put each location's messages in a different
> queue
> b. Or have selectors on each Location pointing to the same queue?
> c. Or have the producer put it into a single queue, and have forwardTo
> filteredDestination split it into different queues?
> d. Is filtering using an XPath on the xml message body horribly
> inefficient?
> 3. If i want to do these things, would ActiveMQ be able to accomplish
> these/would Camel?
> a. Put a copy of each message into a database for indefinite storage
> b. Add in new Producers sending messages from other common languages
> (giving this portal out to new customers that will send information down
> to our Locations)
> 4. If I were to start with ActiveMQ, would i be able to switch to Camel
> fairly easily in the future?  Or at least without having to ask the
> developers of the Producer to change their code?
> Thank you for reading your message and any help you can give me.

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