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From Paul Phillips <>
Subject jdbc producers
Date Sat, 20 Feb 2010 18:34:44 GMT


I have created a route that splits on an arraylist that could be several
thousand items in size.

The route then does a few different things, and every so often sends a
message to a jdbc endpoint

Everything seems ok but if the arraylist is really big (> 1000) I run out of

I've found adding a .streaming() helps a lot, but eventually I still run out
of mem (even if I allocate 768meg to the jvm) , or the system slows right

I've managed to stop the context and when I do this I see loads of jdbc
producers being unregistered.
If I go into jconsole and to the mbeans tab and look at the producers under
camel I see new jdbc producers being registered all the time when my route
is running. However the other producers on the route like http etc seem
fairly static as if the route is "reusing" them.

Is this expected behaviour or is there a way to stop so many jdbc producers
from being created (if that is even what is happening!)

Let me know if you need more info, I plan to create a test to investigate
the issue, as I oculd be barking up the wrong tree as to if this is even the
issue that is causing my memory problems!

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