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From Schneider Christian <>
Subject Problem with JMS replyTo
Date Fri, 26 Feb 2010 15:54:15 GMT

I have got two queues that listen for SOAP/JMS calls. The calls are request/reply and expect
a reply on a temporary queue.
I want to feed requests from both queues into a common queue to serialize them.
Then I want to listen to the comon queue and process the requests.

The problem is that the replyTo header does not seem to get through to the common queue. So
the jms Endpoint there is not able to send the reply back.
In the route I set disableReplyTo as I don´t want this route to reply to the sender or expect
a reply. Still it should send the replyTo header as the listener on the common queue should
send the reply.
The jms component documentation says that the jms component will clear the JMSReplyTo. In
my case I really need it though. Any idea how to solve this?



from("jms://" + destCustomerService + "?disableReplyTo=true") //
                .setHeader(HEADER_ORIG_DEST, constant(destCustomerService)) //
                .to("jms://" + destCommonQueue + "?disableReplyTo=true");
        from("jms://" + destDealService + "?disableReplyTo=true") //
                .setHeader(HEADER_ORIG_DEST, constant(destDealService)) //
                .to("jms://" + destCommonQueue + "?disableReplyTo=true");
        from("jms://" + destCommonQueue) //
                .process(new MyProcessor())
                .choice() //

Christian Schneider
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