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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: route debugging
Date Mon, 11 Jan 2010 14:48:41 GMT
2010/1/11 yaog <>:
> Basically, I am evaluating Camel at the moment.
> It is desired by our architecture to have routes that activate different
> beans (through different queues) and be able to get their responses back to
> the caller thread.

So to activate your two beans when a message is sent to queue "compA"
or "compB" you'd write 2 routes like this...

  <from uri="jms:compA" />
  <to uri="bean:compAImpl" />
  <from uri="jms:compB" />
  <to uri="bean:compBImpl" />

Each route represents a 'consumer' on a queue. In this case you are
creating 2 consumers on queues compA and compB which when a message is
sent to them, you invoke beans and return the response.

The single route with a single pipeline you started this thread with
has a different effect...

   <route id="route1">
                       <from uri="direct:start" />
                       <to uri="bean:compAImpl" />
                       <to uri="jms:compB" />
                       <to uri="bean:compBImpl" />
                       <to uri="jms:compC" />
                       <to uri="bean:compCImpl" />

this will just send a message to compB queue (i.e be a producer on
that queue, not a consumer) and wait for the response from that queue,
then send it on to the bean compBImpl. i.e. for the pipeline to work,
there must be a consumer on the queue compB. This is why Claus
suggested a separate route to act as the consumer on queue compB.

> So that is what I am trying to do. If I define different routes I will not
> be able to send the info back...

I don't follow this last sentence.


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