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From Stephen Gargan <>
Subject Re: Apache Camel Usage with .Net
Date Sun, 03 Jan 2010 04:06:41 GMT

Camel can absolutely be used without ActiveMQ, it standsalone
perfectly, all you require is the camel-core jar. Then as you require
differnet kinds of connectivity and transformation you add the
appropriate jars.

In order to use camel you'd need to find a way to consume messages in
java from your MsMQ broker. Once you can do that it would be a simple
matter of populating a camel exchange with the data from the consumed
message and injecting it into camel with a ProducerTemplate. Taking a
quick scan around there seem to be some commercial options and this
open source library ( that might help
you though I've never used it and your mileage will definitely vary.

How are consuming messages on linux and solaris? Might the same
consumption mechanism be available to help you here.

If you're looking to migrate away from the MsMQ broker there a number
of things you could do while transitioning to ease the pain e.g.  You
could read the messages in .Net and make a http call with the contents
into a Camel based application. From there the world (as accessible
via camel's myriad components) is your oyster. Post your ideas and
folks will be glad to help you out.

As to security, what kind of security are you looking for? Camel 's
routing gives you full access all the message details which allow you
to easily examine and veto message routing based on the message
content and context. Depending on what components you use you can
absolutely leverage the protocol level security features if they're
exposed e.g. HTTP authentication and HTTPS are easily configurable for

If you can be more specific about your requirements we can shed more light.



On Sat, Jan 2, 2010 at 11:36 AM, scope_creep <> wrote:
> Bob.
> I'm a newbie on the Apache stack, so bear with me, although i've used the
> webserver for donkeys.
> I'm really interested in ApAche camel for its primary purpose which is
> routing. I have a .Net assembly, which with a MSMQ messaging interface on
> it. Primary purpose is to route messages between Solaris, Aix, Linux, Cisco,
> BSD, etc with main message processing done on windows, with message routing
> between
> Q1 Does Apache Camel standalone, or would I need ActiveMQ broker as well.
> Q2. Is their a standard security model for messaging.
> Any other advice would be helpful.
> scope_creep
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