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From "ext2" <>
Subject A bug of InOut pattern?
Date Thu, 14 Jan 2010 12:56:20 GMT

The camel 2.1's pipeline patter's MEP is InOnly default. But the result of
following route is different, if I using inOnly() processor in route vs
using default;

I tried it using a simple sample: send a message to a direct endpoint, which
body is number=1, a route receive the message and increase the message's
body twice by a processor, then send to a mock endpoint;

The increase number process's code is:

Class IncreaseProcessor{
	void process(MessageExchange me)
		Integer result= Me.getIn().getBody() + 1;

1): following rout using inOnly() processor , and mock endpoint's return
ME's in.body=3, out=Null


2) following route using default inOnly, and mock's return ME's in.body=3,

So why the result has a out message and it's body=2, it should be same as
the first route(out=null);

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