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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: Zip format problem
Date Sun, 04 Oct 2009 16:52:16 GMT

I think you are right as the Zip API is not separate it makes sense to 
use only one DSL function. The question is then of course how would you 
name it?

Would you rather name the operation split(Zip) or decompress(Zip)? If 
the operation was named decompress the tar.gz example could be done like 
and zip would simply look like decompress(Zip)

Btw. In our scenario we had the requirement that the files from the zip 
had to be processed in a certain order. In our case the processing 
should be done in order of the filenames.
Any idea how this could be expressed?



Vladimir Okhotnikov schrieb:
> This would work nice for tar.gz, but not so nice for zip and other formats
> which tend to combine aggregation and compression in one operation. The main
> question is, what exactly should do split(Zip) and what decompress(Zip) in
> your scenario?
> Christian Schneider wrote:
>> How about using .compress to compress and .decompress to extract
>> something?
>> Could perhaps the notion of extracting several parts from a container be 
>> handled with the existing splitting component?
>> I imagine a 2 phase extraction like in tar.gz:
>> .decompress(Gzip).split(Tar)
>> or for a zip file:
>> .decompress(Zip).split(Zip)
>> -- 
>> Christian Schneider
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