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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: Blocking throttle
Date Fri, 11 Sep 2009 01:18:34 GMT
I'm glade you finally find a solution here.
Please feel free to fill a JIRA[1], so we will not forget to add camel 
destination options into camel.



ljorquera wrote:
> Hi Willem,
>  Thanks a lot for your response. As you suggested, I limited the size of the
> receiving Queue via the consumer.maximumPendingMessageLimit option and it
> worked perfectly! When the consumer restarts it only has a few messages and
> does not violate the SLA.
>  I could not do this via the camel destination options because this is not
> implemented yet as discussed 
> here , so I had to create the Queue via the java interface before creating
> the route.
>  Thanks again!
> willem.jiang wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Current camel throttler doesn't support to block the thread as you want.
>> If you want to implement this kind of feature yourself, here is my 
>> suggestion.
>> First you can limit the message queue size for the Queue which you send 
>> the message to. In this way if the message queue is full, camel jms 
>> producer can know the consumer is stop working.
>> You can leverage the Camel onException to let camel now this exception.
>> Or you can implement some other heart bit mechanism to let camel route 
>> know if the consumer is crashed.
>> I think you can implement a pause able task executor and set it into the
>> JMSConfiguration, and camel will set into a Spring 
>> MessageListenerContainer for camel-jms consumer to use.
>> When you know the consumer processor is crashed, you can pause the task 
>> executor as you want , and restart it when you need.
>> [1]
>> Willem
>> ljorquera wrote:
>>> Hi!
>>>  I am trying to use the Throttle pattern to satisfy an SLA. The situation
>>> is
>>> that I must send messages to a provider but I can not send messages
>>> faster
>>> than a SLA defined rate. The process that sends messages to the provider
>>> reads from an activemq queue so route this queue to another, set a
>>> Throttle
>>> with the SLA rate between the original queue and the new one and make the
>>> process read from these new queue. 
>>>  The problem is that if the consumer process crash and is restarted, it
>>> founds many messages in the queue, as the throttle continues to move
>>> messages between the queues at the specified rate. The process then sends
>>> all these messages, violating the SLA.
>>>  Is there a way of preventing the throttle of continuing putting messages
>>> in
>>> the queue unless they are being consumed? 
>>>  Thanks in advance for your help. I am quite new to Camel, so sorry if
>>> the
>>> question is too obvious.

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