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From "Bach Christian" <>
Subject Dead Letter Queue, Exception Preservation Question.
Date Wed, 26 Aug 2009 11:46:28 GMT

How do I make Camel preserve the caught exception when putting a failed
exchange into a dead letter queue ? The below Camel code on execution,
clears the exception out. Is there a way to have exchanges in a dead
letter queue which have the original exception still set, so we can
report the particular exception which caused the exchange to fail, once
we take it off the queue ?

     * All redelivery attempts failed so move the exchange to the dead
letter queue
    protected void deliverToFailureProcessor(final Processor processor,
final Exchange exchange,
                                             final RedeliveryData data)
        // we did not success with the redelivery so now we let the
failure processor handle it
        // clear exception as we let the failure processor handle it

        if (data.handledPredicate != null &&
data.handledPredicate.matches(exchange)) {
            // its handled then remove traces of redelivery attempted
        } else {
            // must decrement the redelivery counter as we didn't
process the redelivery but is
            // handling by the failure handler. So we must -1 to not let
the counter be out-of-sync

Any help appreciated, thx, and regards, Christian. 
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