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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: Accessing CamelContext from different applications
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2009 06:30:06 GMT
Can I know why you need to access the CamelContext from different JVM ?

Camel has lots of components can help your application talk across the 
JVM, such as camel-jms , camel-mina, camel-cxf, camel-http etc.

If you just want to access the endpoint of upper components from 
different JVM, that is doable.

But, if you just want to access the CamelContext, read the routes rule, 
or do some manage things , you may need to consider the JMX or the camel 
web console.

After rereading your questions , I think you just want to access the 
service which is exported by camel. If you want to use ,net client to 
talk with the service, I suggest you use the camel-cxf component[1] 
which leverage the CXF[2] to implements a WebServices stack, and we did 
some inter-operation tests between the CXF and .net years ago, they look 



snowbug wrote:
> I have been reading the documents and search the forum and web but didn't
> find the answer yet so I decide to post a message of my own to seek for
> helps :)
> What I see so far is all running Camel in a single application where the
> CamelContext can be retrieved easily with many different ways. My questions
> are:
> 1. How do I access an existing CamelContext at server from a client
> application that is running in a different JVM / machine? Or is it doable?
> 2. How to interact with Camel from applications that is developed using
> other languages, such as .NET?
> Basically, what I want to figure out is, after creating a server that uses
> Camel, what's the best way to participant in this message bus from
> applications that are distributed in different machines?
> Thanks,
> Alan

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