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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: camel:run JVM arguments
Date Sun, 21 Jun 2009 04:02:34 GMT
Thanks for sharing the information with the community.
Please feel free to fill a JIRA[1] or submit a patch if you don't
satisfy with current camel mvn plugin's implementation.



bwtaylor wrote:
> I answered my own question. It looks like camel:run uses code similar to the
> maven exec plugin and so the answer is to use the shell environment variable
> MAVEN_OPTS to pass in JVM arguments. Interestingly, it appears that
> camel:run is not forking a new JVM, but simply launching a new thread within
> the maven process.
> Now if I can just figure out why TPTP is giving me "Could not find agent
> library in absolute path" when I've got the right 64bit file on the path to
> match my 64 bit JVM. Baffling.
> bwtaylor wrote:
>> Is there an easy way to enable debugging or profiling while using the
>> camel maven plugin to do the camel:run goal? Or more generally, can I
>> control the jvm arguments that are passed to the java command?

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