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From Hadrian Zbarcea <>
Subject Re: Faster!!
Date Thu, 25 Jun 2009 18:38:50 GMT

Many thanks for sharing your experience.  We did not get a lot of  
feedback/comments in the recent months about the performance  
characteristics of Camel 2.0.  We are committed to listening *very*  
carefully to what the community has to say and I encourage you to  
share as much as you can from your test results and any suggestions  
you might have.

We are in the closedown phase of 2.0, we want to make 2.0 much better  
and your voice is important.  We are quite flexible and we'll squeeze  
2.1 improvements in 2.0 whenever possible.  The goal is to not delay  
2.0 unnecessarily.  And obviously we appreciate all the help we can get.

Thanks again,

On Jun 25, 2009, at 2:14 PM, bwtaylor wrote:

> Thanks for the thoughtful answer! CAMEL-1078 looks like a good  
> start, and I
> see you pulled it in to 2.0.0 (much appreciated!!), so it seems  
> progress is
> coming. I also note that CAMEL-963 depends on 1078 and asks for JMS  
> to JMS
> handoffs to be comparable to native JMS. That's slated for 2.1. This  
> makes
> me happy! More like this!
> As far as design tradeoffs, I completely understand. I'd recommend the
> approach that "most" things be simple, and the few hard things  
> should be
> possible. So for example, if I know what types my messages should  
> be, let me
> tell camel not to use its cleverness and to instead go fast. Your  
> suggestion
> on turning error handling and JMX off is another good one. When I  
> get a
> chance I play with these and post the results.
> I do think that the ability to perform at speeds appropriate to the  
> things
> being integrated is an important aspect of "making integration  
> easier". Use
> cases like mine where I need 5k messages/second are still somewhat  
> rare, but
> they'll be less rare over time, especially when you look at high  
> throughput
> components like esper and mina.
> I'll also see if I can hook up a profiler and see if I can provide  
> some
> vision on what the bottlenecks I see are. If 1078 lands in a  
> snapshot I can
> try it out to and report back.
> -- 
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