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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: using camel as "generic relay"
Date Sat, 23 May 2009 08:31:42 GMT
For MESSAGE dataFormat, we just take out the message from the transport
level forward it the camel processor and then extract response from the
camel processor and put it back to the CXF transport. Here is no other
SOAP message handling logical involved ,so it should be OK for you to
setup the dummy wsdl and dummy serviceClass.

But if you want to do some high level message handling, you may need to
take care of the CXF interceptor setting.

mario_horny wrote:
> Hi all,
> some of the functionality within a camel route stays the same for most
> services. This includes stuff like
> + tracking of the messages/requests that pass the route
> + signing of outgoing requests/checking signature of reply
> + setting/checking header attributes that implement proprietary protocol
> enhancements
> and so on.
> To simplify deployment and operation, we thought about a centralized "relay"
> that does not depend on the specific business wsdl of a service. It should
> basically implements these common tasks and should not care about by which
> service it is called. 
> So I configured a camel route to use MESSAGE as dataFormat in hope that
> camel then might not be interested in what it is routing on a higher level.
> For proper configuration of the camel endpoints I configured a dummy wsdl
> with respective dummy serviceClass. 
> This seems to work, since camel routes my real business request through. But
> actually I'm not sure about the consequences (well, I learned that the
> dataFormat has dramatically impact on interceptor phases, but is there
> anything else?). 
> So my question is, if you guys would recommend this kind of implementation
> or if there are any more side effects I should be aware of ? Maybe there's a
> totally different mechanism in camel that might help me ?
> Greets in advance,
> Mario

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