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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: Are durable topic subscriptions destroyed?
Date Mon, 09 Mar 2009 09:37:07 GMT
2009/3/5 akuhtz <>:
> There is currently no code to unsubscribe a durable subscriber as Camel uses
> the XXMessageListenerContainer classes from the spring framework and inside
> the spring code there is no unsubscribe code. I solved this yesterday by
> making a copy of the (in my case) SimpleMessageListenerContainer and added
> the unsubscribe code to the doShutdown() method (I couldn't just extend from
> SimpleMessageListenerContainer and overwrite doShutdown() because the
> consumers are private and no protected access method exists, and between
> close the consumers and close the session there is (unfortunately) no
> callback where the unsubcribe could be executed.
> If you find another solution without copying the class please let me know
> :-)

BTW whether the subscription is closed using an unsubscribe or if the
process hosting the consumer just dies - its the same thing from a JMS
provider's perspective.

i.e. closing a durable topic subscriber does not terminate the durable
subscription. The whole point of a durable topic subscription is to
keep going while the consumer is not running any more.

There's no JMS API to terminate a durable subscription - unfortunately
thats JMS provider specific and usually achieved using MBeans or some
provider specific console


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