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From "Michael Ramnarine" <>
Subject RE: Questions about camel Exchange that contains a CxfMessage with POJO dataFormat
Date Fri, 20 Mar 2009 11:56:59 GMT
Thanks Willem,

We were looking to write a custom processor that doesn't know ahead of
time which dataFormat the client will be using to access the endpoint.  

Is there anything on the camel exchange or camel message or cxf message
that we can check to at least tell which dataFormat is coming into the
custom processor?  I suppose we could check the class type of the
exchange.getIn().getBody(), but can you think of a better way?


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From: Willem Jiang [] 
Sent: Friday, March 20, 2009 3:21 AM
Subject: Re: Questions about camel Exchange that contains a CxfMessage
with POJO dataFormat

Hi Michael,

Since CXF using Stax to handle the XML message , it does not cache the
whole xml message when it do the marshaling work.

For the POJO Dataformate, you can't get the xml message from the
CXFMessage instace, since the inputstream is consumed by the

Can I know the reason why are you want to get the xml message even you
have the list of the request parameters ?


Michael Ramnarine wrote:
> One thing I just noticed...
> Using getContentFormats() on a POJO CxfMessage for a soap over http
endpoint via: 
>    CxfMessage message = (CxfMessage) exchange.getIn()
>    message.getMessage().getContentFormats()
> Returns:
>    [interface java.util.List, class, interface, interface org.w3c.dom.Node]
> Will one of these have the original xml message?
> How do I use these content formats to get that message in w3c format?

> -Mike
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> From: Michael Ramnarine 
> Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2009 10:46 PM
> To: ''
> Subject: Questions about camel Exchange that contains a CxfMessage
with POJO dataFormat
> Is the original xml message available given a camel Exchange for a
soap message that contains a CxfMessage with POJO dataFormat?
> Specifically, working in a custom processor, if the inbound message is
a CxfMessage with MESSAGE dataFormat, the body is a copy of the original
raw message (accessible via exchange.getIn().getBody()).  However, if
the inbound message is POJO dataFormat, then getBody() only returns a
list containing the Java parameters for the operation being invoked.  Is
there anyway to get at the raw xml message when the inbound message is
in POJO dataFormat?  
> Also, is there a way to determine the dataFormat (MESSAGE, PAYLOAD, or
POJO) from the camel Exchange or CxfMessage?
> -Mike

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