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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: WS => JMS with 2 queues
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2008 23:15:13 GMT
Your config looks extremely complex.

Shouldn´t a simple

<from uri="direct:myEndpoint"/>
<to uri="jms:queue:${request.queue.jndi-name}?replyToDestination=queue:${reply.queue.jndi-name}"/>


As far as I know it will do a nice request / reply with correlation id processing.



GLD schrieb:
> Hi, 
> I try to implement the following use case
> A Direct-endpoint consumes data 
>     ==> request data is sent the request via JMS in queue "requestQueue" AND 
> the reply is expected on the queue "responseQueue" 
>        ==> The reply is then sent back tot the direct-endpoint
> I tried to 
>   add a correlationID to the request=)
>   use a multicast tag (to send the JMS message) and to prepare a join point
> for the reply. In the second exchange, I set the header 'isReply' to false. 
> In the route consuming the JMS reply from queue "responseQueue", I set the
> header 'isReply' to 'true'  (so 1 has isReply to true and the other to
> false).
> I tried to use an aggregator to join both exhanges above sending them to the
> same direct endpoint.
>   The matching is done via the JMScorrelationID
>   The choice is done by a custom strategy (The Selected exchange is the one
> where 'isReply = true'
> (see route file attached
> applicationContext-business-camel-route.xml 
> ... But it doesn't work.
>   My expected "join point" doesn't wait for the reply.... and the request is
> sent back to the "Direct-endpoint":-(
> What is the good solution to make the thread that process the original
> message wait for a message processed by another thread?
> NB : One of my requirements is to use 2 queues. I did it with 1 queue
> (InOut) and it works fine.=)
> Regards


Christian Schneider

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