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From Willem Jiang <>
Subject Re: Transformation task in Spring
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2008 00:45:31 GMT
I think Claus just show two ways to combine your transformation business
logic with the spring xml configuration.
The spring configuration could be
<from url="COSUME_XML_URL"/>
 <to url="bean:mySpringBean?method=transformation"/>
   <to url="mail:xxx"/>
<from url="COSUME_XML_URL"/>
 <process ref="mySpringBeanThatImplementsProcessor"/>
   <to url="mail:xxx"/>

mySpringBeanThatImplementsProcessor and mySpringBean have nothing to
relate. They just implement the same transformation business logic.


Franklin Antony wrote:
> And the processor as:
> <process ref="mySpringBeanThatImplementsProcessor"/>
> And then you need the regular spring beans configuration in spring as well
> to link to the actual class file
> <bean id="mySpringBeanThatImplementsProcessor" class="xxx.yyy"/>
> <bean id="mySpringBean" class="xxx.yyy.zzz"/>
> mySpringBean is just a regular POJO that doesn't have to have import any
> camel classes.
> How is mySpringBeanThatImplementsProcessor and mySpringBean related ??
> Thanks,
> Franklin

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