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From "S. Ali Tokmen" <>
Subject Re: Registry/Repository support in CAMEL
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2008 16:17:18 GMT

James Strachan a écrit :
> 2008/12/1 S. Ali Tokmen <>:
> BTW we've already got the Registry in CamelContext which wraps up
> either JNDI or Spring. My first reaction was it might be worth looking
> in that first before explicitly creating the endpoint; but I think the
> default implementation of createEndpoint() will do that for you. e.g.
> if you configured the endpoint "jms:someQueue" in Spring/Java/JNDI
> then Camel should do the right thing I think so I don't think the
> Registry component needs to worry about this.
That's why it's not my Registry implementation does the lookup. It just 
fetches the technical name (for example, a JNDI name for a JMS queue) 
for a URI and then asks CAMEL to create an endpoint with that.

The only "weird-looking" part is when I get the component based on the 
> Incidentally we have the ref component (RefComponent) which you could
> maybe use to derive which could then use an alternative registry
> implementation?
That's a nice idea. The only limitation I see with it is that the 
registry's prefix would have to be set to "ref:", which is an acceptable 

How do I use the RefComponent?



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