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From Fush <>
Subject Re: 1.5 error handling Spring config buggy/not complete?
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2008 09:30:29 GMT

Claus Ibsen-2 wrote:
> Hi
> a)
> Ah that might not be clearly stated in the documentation.
> It's an *all* or *nothing* with transactions. If using transactions
> then it's the backing system (the transaction manger) responsibility
> to handle redelivery - not Camel. Camel in this case only supports
> delaying a fixed delay before the rollback is triggered.
> And as you use ActiveMQ as the backing system it is the ActiveMQ
> transaction manger that handles the redelivery. And it uses 5 or is it
> 6 redeliveries by default. So you should configure ActiveMQ how
> redelivery should be done.
> So, are you basically saying that I could remove the
> transactionErrorHandler bean from the route, and just set a
> redeliveryPolicy on the ActiveMQConnectionFactory instead?

Claus Ibsen-2 wrote:
> b)
> That said I turn to the onException
> Is TechnicalException and FunctionalException related as such one is
> inherited from the other?
> eg: FunctionalException extends TechnicalException ?
> Camel uses (by default) an instanceof test to verify which onException
> should handle the exception.
> You might have a use-case using transactions and onException that
> needs to be checked
> - You have onExceptions that also is meent to supoorts catch exception
> this exception and route it differently. And then you can have the
> handled=true to state it's okay, newer mind the exception I have
> handled it and the TX = OK.
> - But it can also be used as a if this exception is thrown then only
> retry 2 times instead of default 5 times etc.
> - etc.
> Both exceptions extend RuntimeException, and nothing else. So there's no
> other relationship between them.

Claus Ibsen-2 wrote:
> c)
> In any case it should really only call the myOwnErrorHandler only for
> the FunctionalException.
> I will check up on your spring XML and add it as a unit test in camel.
> I'm curious to see what you find out about this. Thanks!

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