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From "Claus Ibsen">
Subject RE: Suggestion : add a new component to work with NIO framework like comet/grizzly !
Date Mon, 13 Oct 2008 13:32:36 GMT

Yeah feel free to add the ticket. Then it's not forgotten and it's based on real need by end-users.

Also the community can see this and be able to contribute to this ticket.

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From: cmoulliard [] 
Sent: 10. oktober 2008 10:51
Subject: Suggestion : add a new component to work with NIO framework like comet/grizzly !


May I suggest to create a new component that will allow Camel to communicate
with NIO framework like comet/grizzly, ... (more information about what you
can do with such framework can be found here :,

When you design a reverse ajax application where you use push technology at
the serverside, you need to use a servlet modified using NIO. Such servlet
modified already exist in Tomcat/Jetty and Grizzly because they implement
the comet framework. Next, in order for a client to be notified (through
push technology) that something happens at the server side, an event
listener must be created and link to the comet API. Every time that an
action occurs, the event will send back the information to the brower. such
technology already works today in DWR package (Direct Web Remoting),
Google/Gears, Flex/BlazeDS but need a lot of coding to link the events with
the framework.

My proposition is to integrate Camel with Comet in such a way that we can
work with Comet/event. A comet/event could be exposed as an endpoint to
allow to use it through the routing.


Imagine that every time a message (order, status updated about a parcel to
be delivered, ...) arrives through a message queue, then we have to inform
our web user who has subscribed to receive such information.

At the servlet/comet side, we have to create an event or maybe a spring
event and publish it. For the moment, I don't know where this one should be
published (into camel, grizzly bus, ....) ! This point must be tackled
before to go one step further. The event published will be linked to a user
when this one will call the service from its web browser. Comet through the
continuation api will add the user the list of users to be notified.

At the camel side, the idea is to use the routing as usual :


When a message arrives in the queue, we send it to the comet:event endpoint

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