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From "Claus Ibsen">
Subject RE: ErrorHandler + DeadLetter
Date Thu, 02 Oct 2008 09:39:43 GMT

Yes I think you can using the ExceptionPolicyStrategy (se overriding default behaviour)

You can either implement the logic in your own class (for really advanced stuff, or you need
to be 100% in control what to do), or use the default behavior, that will look for the best
matching exception route or fallback to the default error endpoint configured on the DeadLetterChannel.

The matching will look for: exception(TheExceptionClass.class) where you can customize the
behaviour, e.g. setting a different retry and where to route it in case of redelivery failures.

        .setHeader(MESSAGE_INFO, constant("Damm my policy exception"))

Notice that we will change exception to onException in Camel 1.5 as this is a better name
for the DSL. It is in fact named onException in the Spring DSL.

So in your case you can do like this:

        .to("the endpoint URL that started it");

So when a MySpecialException is thrown its caught by the above configuration and routed to
the ""the endpoint URL that started it". All other exceptions is handled by the default DeadLetterChannel.

We might need to clean up the wiki and add some better samples for this.

Could you try it and report back if it worked. Then we could use your use-case as a sample
to add to the wiki

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From: Markus Wolf [] 
Sent: 2. oktober 2008 11:23
Subject: ErrorHandler + DeadLetter

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is it possible to create a route where some exceptions are handled by
the deadletter queue and some other just returned to the starting endpoint?
I've only found examples where all errors are handed over to the
deadletter endpoint.

Thanks for any help
Markus Wolf
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