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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject http to jms bridge using camel
Date Sun, 19 Oct 2008 23:37:03 GMT

I need a http to jms bridge to acess webservices that are offered on jms
with clients that only understand http. I have searched on the web but
there seems to be no open source solution
for this problem. So I thought this could fit nicely in the scope of
camel. Of course I know that I can do a route for a single webservice in
camel but I want to have a transparent solution
that supports all webservices on a jms server with minimum configuration.

What I have in mind is the following:

The bridge listens on a http port. For example: http://localhost:8080/bridge
You can access the bridge with a SOAP client. If you use the url
http://localhost:8080/bridge/myqueue then the bridge should send a jms
message to the queue myqueue. It should listen on a temporary queue for
the reply and send it back using the http connection.

I would like to support security by using basic authentication. The
bridge will require the client to send username and password using
basic auth. Then the bridge will use this information to access the jms

Is this scenario possible with camel? I think especially the security
part could be difficult as the JMS component only supports one
user/password as far as I know.




Christian Schneider

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