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From HockeyDave <>
Subject RE: Certain email MimeMultipart barf
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2008 22:29:13 GMT

Hi Claus,

 Wow, coincidentally I just ran into this again and it's kind of strange but
sort of makes sense too (theoretically).  I was trying to use
processOnlyUnseenMessage=true and noticed that I keep getting the same email
over and over again in my mail bean.  So I left my program stopped in the
eclipse debugger within the process method and went into the forum to post a
question with respect to this. While in there, I took the time to send a
response on this thead.  All of this took somewhere around 5-15 minutes with
people stopping by my desk... 

  Anyways, when I got back to my eclipse debugger (stopped in the process
method of my mail bean) and hit continue I got this error!  Keep in mind
that this is the same email that I just processed 7 times before
successfully. So... I think that something in camel timed out my process
method, freed up the inputstream (or some other resources) and then when I
hit continue, I get the errror because the resource is freed up.  Makes kind
of sense since it isn't likely that this mail message is suddenly bad after
processing it succesfully.

  It is highly likely that this is the same scenario (i.e. debugging) that I
ran into on Sunday when I first saw this.  I hope this helps.

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