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From "James Strachan" <>
Subject Re: Custom log messages
Date Tue, 16 Sep 2008 16:13:56 GMT
2008/9/16 raulvk.soa <>:
> Hi,
> Just a contribution.
> I think a good verb for this action would be "branch". Correct me if I am
> wrong, but what you are actually doint is spawning a new thread that would
> do some further processing on a copy of the initial message, and once the
> thread is done, the Exchange object associated with it would be scrapped
> away. In the parallel, the main processing flow would continue within the
> main, core branch.
> So I suggest something like:
> from("jbi:xxx")
>    .branch().log("Transforming message. Source: {in.message}",
> <loggingCategory>)
>    .to("jbi:service:")
>    .branch().log("Message transformed. Result: {out.message}",
> <loggingCategory>);
> The branch() action actually creates a copy of the current message in the
> pipeline and spawns a new thread that executes the following actions.
> In my imagination, the log() method would create a new header in the message
> that contains the specified log message, and would immediately invoke a new
> LogProcessor that would take the message out from this header, substitute
> the tokens with the appropriate content, and finally call the Logger
> associated with the specified logging category.
> What do you think?
> From a user's point of view, I honestly believe the clearest keyword to use
> for this new pattern is "branch()".

I like it. Another suggestion to throw into the mix, I wonder what
folks think of "spawn" - thinking unix processes; spawning up a
separate process etc.


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