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From "Claus Ibsen">
Subject RE: Bridging the ActiveMQ with IBM Websphere using Camel
Date Tue, 23 Sep 2008 09:17:03 GMT

I would be quite surprised if you can not use standard JMS to send a simple text message to
WebSphere MQ.

But you have to use IBM specific headers to mark it as a text message.

I have sent JMS messages from older WebLogic 5 and 6 to WebSphereMQ using standard JMS and
never have to add specific MQ types. 

I am sure there have been a lot of people before being able with success to send a text message
to WebSphereMQ without having to use these IBM types as JMS properties.

Could you send a link to the exact point in the WebSphereMQ documentation where its stated
that these MQ types must be set? (is just the "welcome page"

Then we will be able to digest this and maybe add some code in Camel to allow IBM types to
be set.

It would be helpful if you could create a sample java code that sends a TextMessage to IBM
WebSphereMQ (just from a plain java main(String args...)

> I am not quite certain too what you mean with 'Can't you use String, Integer or the likes?'
The JMS spec mandates that only simple types must be used for JMS properties. By simple types
its: Numeric types, String types, etc. 

So setting a property with the type: is not a simple type, according to
the JMS spec. So that is why Camel filter out these types.

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Claus Ibsen
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From: JavaRat [] 
Sent: 23. september 2008 11:03
Subject: RE: Bridging the ActiveMQ with IBM Websphere using Camel

Thank you for your quick reply in this matter Claus.

We are currently using camel 1.4 (testing with & The aim
of our project is picking up a short textmessage from the activeMQ queue and
sending it to a websphere queue. However for websphere too accept
textmessages it seems from previous testing a few IBM specific properties in
the JMSheader must be set accordingly:

property: JMS_IBM_Format must be of format: MQC.MQFMT_STRING
property: JMS_IBM_MsgType must be set as MQC.MQMT_REQUEST
property: JMSReplyTo must also be set to a valid replyToqueue on the ibm mq.
(A lot of reading about these properties may be found at: )

Unless these minimum parameters are set it appears the receiving application
will not accept our messages. Do you believe with using camel it would be
possible to solve this task?

I am not quite certain too what you mean with 'Can't you use String, Integer
or the likes?'
Is there an alternative solution to what we are trying to achieve?
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