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From "Claus Ibsen">
Subject RE: [SPAM] Re: Camel Maven Plugin looking in test-classes
Date Wed, 17 Sep 2008 12:38:43 GMT
Hi Martin

Please add a comment on the new ticket pointing to this topic via nabble

This is quite important to remember so when someone steps up to fix it he can see this conversation.

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From: Martin Gilday [] 
Sent: 17. september 2008 14:12
Subject: [SPAM] Re: Camel Maven Plugin looking in test-classes

I'd rather it didn't start changing the dependencies.  The Maven plugin
is very useful for getting a Camel app running as it would be in your
live environment, adjusting the dependencies would mean that is no
longer always true.  Although the Jetty plugin has a "useTestClasspath"
parameter. Is there actually a use case where you could want to define
Camel routes in src/test/java AND have them run using the Camel Maven
plugin?  I would think test routes would only be needed when you are
either running tests from your IDE or through Maven Surefire plugin.

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From: "James Strachan" <>
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 13:04:36 +0100
Subject: Re: Camel Maven Plugin looking in test-classes

2008/9/17 Martin Gilday <>:
> Hi Camel riders,
> We follow what I think is a fairly standard pattern where we name our
> test classes the same as the class under test with the suffix UnitTest
> or IntTest.  We place this in the same package name, but under
> src/test/java instead of src/main/java.
> I have a route scanner defined as so:
> <camel:camelContext>
>  <camel:package>example.routes</camel:package>
> </camel:camelContext>
> When I start up mvn camel:run I can see the following log lines:
> DEBUG org.apache.camel.util.ResolverUtil  - Loading from directory:
> C:\workspace\projectname\target\classes\example\routes
> DEBUG org.apache.camel.util.ResolverUtil  - Loading from directory:
> C:\workspace\projectname\target\test-classes\example\routes
> This causes a problem as it attempts to load a class in test-classes
> which has a super class of AbstractJUnit4SpringContextTests which in the
> Maven POM is defined with test depdendency scope.  Therefore you get a
> java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError.
> Why is Camel scanning test classes for routes?  Is there a way to
> prevent this other than changing the test package name?

Hmm - I guess you could just disable the logging messages so you don't
see it happening :)

Maybe we could change camel:run to also include the test dependencies?


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