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From "Claus Ibsen">
Subject RE: Usage of Camel to acheive MessageListner within an Application
Date Sat, 13 Sep 2008 10:22:52 GMT

Yeah a POC was what got me started as well with Camel. Well it was my "track potential OS
in my spare time, but anyway..". Glad to have you on the ride.

Yes it's possible. You can have a producer sending the changed preference to a consumer. For
transport of choice look at the component list:

I would suggest starting with the build in types in camel-core such as:
- direct  (sync)
- seda    (async)

These are for message exchanges within the same application. There is also a vm component
for java vm-wide message exchanges.

You can check out the getting started tutorial:

Here you use the direct/seda endpoints instead of file and jms

Camel 1.4 has a @MessageDriven annotation that can be used for any consumer (not just JMS
as EJB MDB). In Camel 1.5 we also have a @Producer annotation, but you can use @EndpointInject
in Camel 1.4 to inject and endpoint or even easier a ProducerTemplate to use for sending the
message to the endpoint.

If you have the time checkout some of the tutorials:

See this tutorial about annotations (in the bottom) 

But crank some code to try getting the producer and consumer to "communicate". 

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From: nitingupta183 [] 
Sent: 13. september 2008 10:23
Subject: Usage of Camel to acheive MessageListner within an Application

Hi all,

I have recently heard about the Camel project. So far just tried a simple
POC and read some documents.

I want to use Camel to implement a MessageListner kind of infrastructure
within my application. In my application, there is one process which must be
updated each time a user changes his preference or set of preferences. I am
thinking of using Camel as a bridge between the Preferences and the other
process. This way I shall not be required to write extra lines of code to
implement this behaviour.

So few questions:
- Is it possible to do this?
- Is it possible to achieve this messaging between the 2 processes of the
same application without using JMS? I think JMS would be an overkill for

Please let me know what options I can explore, if not Camel.

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